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SlothCam 1.70 coming soon with new image series feature

Any day now, the SlothCam 1.70 update should go live in the App Store. This update features many improvements for the international versions of SlothCam (better translations etc) as well as a new feature - image series. Now you can save a series of any number of images to your film roll rather than just one single image. This feature will only work if you keep the currently selected webcam active after starting the image sequence. It also will not save images when SlothCam is in the background due to Apple’s multitasking limitations. If you use this feature to make a time lapse movie, please consider sharing it with me and I’ll post it in this blog.

Also, once 1.70 is approved, I can submit the next update, 1.71 to Apple. 1.71 is almost ready and includes iPad retina display support, and background task completion. With background task completion, the currently loading webcam(s) will finish loading when SlothCam is in the background. Stay tuned for this update in the next week or so after 1.70 goes live.

SlothCam 1.66 released

SlothCam 1.66 is now live in the App Store. The latest update adds support for gifs and png images. Animated gifs are not supported at this time, however you can use an animated gif and it will show the first frame of the animation. The main reason I wanted to add support for these formats was that charts and graphs are often in these formats. For example, you could add this NOAA wave chart chart to SlothCam and always see an updated image which shows the swell height off of Galveston. Or you could add this Weather Underground weather graph to see what the current conditions are at a particular location (this one is near where I live).

SlothCam 1.62 is live in the App Store with iCloud Support

SlothCam 1.62 is live in the App Store with support for iCloud. You can back up your webcams to the cloud by clicking on the button in the lower right of your webcam list and restore them onto any device in the same way. For this to work you need to have iOS 5 and you need to be logged into iCloud. Let me know if anybody has any comments or questions about it.


SlothCam 1.61 update

SlothCam Webcam Browser has been updated to version 1.61 today. The new version fixes several memory leaks (no more memory leaks, thanks to Lion’s new compiler which helped me a lot with that). Also I made the placeholder text in the name, url, and rate fields more clear to help people who are entering their own webcams for the first time. Get the update from the app store!

Donation to Japan

This weekend I am going to donate the profits from SlothCam WebCam Browser to the Japanese Red Cross Society as part of the “Apps for Japan” charity effort. If you haven’t already purchased SlothCam, now is the time.

Also, here is a webcam in Tokyo that you can add to SlothCam by clicking this link on your iOS device, and then choosing “Add” when SlothCam launches and the import menu shows up. This cam is on top of a tall building in downtown Tokyo and offers a great view of the city. Here is a picture from this webcam in the SlothCam dashboard widget.


SlothCam Free 1.4 Update and SlothCam WebCam Browser 1.58 Submited

An update to SlothCam free has been submitted which adds the new error handling method from the recently released SlothCam 1.57. This means that when a webcam fails to load, you will soon continue to see the previous webcam image until a new image can be requested. You should expect to see it within the next few days, as soon as it is approved by Apple.

Also SlothCam WebCam Browser will shortly be updated to 1.58. This new version adds new loading and error screens which I think looks much nicer, and the error messages are also more useful. It should hit the app store some time this week.

SlothCam 1.57 Submitted

I submitted an update of SlothCam Webcam Browser to the App store today, and it should be available for download shortly. This update contains a fix for a bug in the previous version that would cause images that failed to download properly to display as a black box. It also fixes the swipe gestures in iOS 4.3 (did you know you can swipe right or left across the screen to skip to the first or last webcam in SlothCam?).

iPhone Blogr Review / Giveaway

iPhoneBlogr.com has just posted a review of SlothCam on their site today. You can check it out here. iPhone Blogr is a great site for iOS news and I highly recommend you subscribe to their RSS feed if you want to keep up to date with what is going on in the iPhone community.

SlothCam WebCam Browser 1.55 Update

The latest update to SlothCam modifies the import function so that now when importing cams from a URL (either using the export function or using SlothCam Helper) SlothCam now asks you whether you want to add the webcams you are importing, or replace your entire webcam list. I hope this makes it easier for people to import webcams to SlothCam. Let me know if you have any questions.

SlothCam Webcam Browser 1.54 Update Adds "append" Ability to Import Function

With the latest SlothCam Webcam Browser update for iOS, users can now import a list of webcams into the app via email which will be added to the user’s current webcam list (rather than replacing their current webcams). This will allow users to share webcam lists with their friends, etc. I am going to try to make a more elegant implementation of this feature in the next update, but for now you can go to this page to create a custom URL which when clicked on your iPhone or iPad will add a custom list of webcams into SlothCam by appending them. You can also create a custom SlothCam import URL here which will completely replace your current webcam list with the new cams.

In the future I will make it so that SlothCam will ask you when importing whether you want to replace or add the webcams from the link rather than requiring two different types of links. Stay tuned for an update next week.

SlothCam Free 1.2

On Saturday, SlothCam Free was updated to version 1.2. This version fixes a crash that was occurring for people who didn’t have the latest version of iOS. It also made some minor changes to the way banner ads are displayed. You can download the update for free on the App Store!

YouTube Demo Video

I uploaded a demo video of SlothCam to YouTube, so people can get an idea of what SlothCam can do. Check it out!

SlothCam WebCam Browser Udpated to Version 1.3

SlothCam WebCam Browser for IOS was updated to version 1.3 tonight. The major feature of this update is the ability to change the order of your WebCam list. The user interface now looks a bit different. Instead of a delete button, there is now an edit button below the webcam list. When you click edit, you will have the option of re-ordering or deleting webcams. If you have already purchased SlothCam from the App Store, this update is free! If not, you can buy SlothCam by clicking here, or click here for more information.


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