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Costa Concordia on SlothCam

I just found an interesting webcam which shows the wreck of the Costa Concordia in Giglio, Italy. My condolences to all of the families affected by this tragedy. If you are reading this on your iPhone or iPad, and you have SlothCam installed, then click the link below to install the webcam in SlothCam. This webcam is hosted by www.GiglioNews.it.

Click here to install this webcam

If you don’t already have SlothCam, you can download it on the App Store here and then come back to this page and click the link above.

Keep the time difference in mind. If you look at this cam when its dark in Italy, you won’t see much.

If you have any trouble setting up SlothCam with the Costa Concordia webcam, let me know.


SlothCam 1.65 is live

Slothcam 1.65 was released today, which fixes a slideshow bug when viewing slideshows of webcams on your Apple TV, and fixes a bug which prevented some webcams images from showing if the MIME type of the jpeg image was abnormal. Download it in the app store!

SlothCam 1.64

SlothCam 1.64 is out on the app store now! This version has external display and Apple TV support! If you enable apple TV mirroring on your iOS device and then launch SlothCam, you’ll see your webcam images full screen on your TV. Here’s an article on how to enable AirPlay mirroring.

Here’s a video of SlothCam and an Apple TV. I’ll try to post a better demo video and tutorial later.
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