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SlothCam 3.43 Released

Version 3.43 of the SlothCam dashboard widget has been released! Check it out here.

SlothCam Dashboard Widget 3.1 Update

I updated the SlothCam widget to version 3.1 last night. This update fixes a few bugs with version 3.0 including problems with the “auto cycle” mode, and manually refreshing webcams using the space bar. I recommend all SlothCam users download this update.

SlothCam Widget Updated

I updated the SlothCam Dashboard Widget to version 2.98 today. I made some minor changes including the addition of info about the new iOS app. I also fixed some broken URL links and made some other minor adjustments. Download it here!


SlothCam Migration Assistant Released

I just uploaded a new app called SlothCam Migration Assistant. This app allows you to send your SlothCam Dashboard Widget settings to the iOS app on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch. To use SlothCam Migration Assistant, just copy the text “click here to install” into an email message and send it to yourself, then click the link on your iOS device and your Widget’s webcams will be installed. Just a warning, this migration will replace all of the data currently in your iOS SlothCam app.

SlothCam Migration Assistant
Click here to go to the SlothCam Migration Assistant page.

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