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Donation to Japan

This weekend I am going to donate the profits from SlothCam WebCam Browser to the Japanese Red Cross Society as part of the “Apps for Japan” charity effort. If you haven’t already purchased SlothCam, now is the time.

Also, here is a webcam in Tokyo that you can add to SlothCam by clicking this link on your iOS device, and then choosing “Add” when SlothCam launches and the import menu shows up. This cam is on top of a tall building in downtown Tokyo and offers a great view of the city. Here is a picture from this webcam in the SlothCam dashboard widget.


Mardi Gras in galveston

This weekend is Mardi Gras in Galveston. You should check out these Galveston webcams this weekend to catch the festivities. The image below was taken from the “Strand” cam, one of the default webcams in SlothCam Webcam Browser.


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