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SlothCam for Mac!

SlothCam is finally out on the Mac App Store! This version of SlothCam is different from the Dashboard Widget which has been out for a long time. Since it’s written in Cocoa, it has the ability to use new features from OS X Mountain Lion such as iCloud and Notification Center. It can also run in full screen in its own space that you can swipe in and out of as you do other full screen Mac applications.

I’ll add some documentation to my website soon, but in the meantime, please contact me if you have any questions about the Mac version of SlothCam.

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Coming soon: SlothCam for Mac!

SlothCam is currently being rewritten from scratch in Cocoa, and will shortly be available on the Mac app store for $0.99. The Mac version of SlothCam will allow iCloud syncing with the iOS app, so you can enter webcams on your Mac and see them on your iPhone and vice versa. It will also include a full screen mode for OSX Lion and Mountain Lion.

Does anybody have any suggestions for features that I should include in the Mac release? I might try to either include Dashboard Widget syncing or make a separate app like SlothCam Migration Assistant for syncing the Mac app with the widget. Any other ideas?

SlothCam Screenshot

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