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SlothCam Free 1.4 Update and SlothCam WebCam Browser 1.58 Submited

An update to SlothCam free has been submitted which adds the new error handling method from the recently released SlothCam 1.57. This means that when a webcam fails to load, you will soon continue to see the previous webcam image until a new image can be requested. You should expect to see it within the next few days, as soon as it is approved by Apple.

Also SlothCam WebCam Browser will shortly be updated to 1.58. This new version adds new loading and error screens which I think looks much nicer, and the error messages are also more useful. It should hit the app store some time this week.

SlothCam Dashboard Widget 3.3 released

I just uploaded a new version of the SlothCam dashboard widget. This update is fairly minor. It adds a new mode which disables the error screen when a webcam doesn’t load properly due to connection problems and will instead keep showing the previous image until a new image can be downloaded. Right now this new feature isn’t accessibly on the widget preferences screen, but it can be enabled via the terminal.

To enable this new feature, just close SlothCam, then go into your Applications/Utilities folder and find Terminal.

Open Terminal and paste the following line:
defaults write widget-net.webhop.glorioussloth.widget.SlothCam noErrorScreen true

Then re-launch SlothCam and from now on you'll never seen the error screen again. Let me know if you need any more help with that.

To re-enable the error screen, just type the following line into the terminal:
widget-net.webhop.glorioussloth.widget.SlothCam noErrorScreen false

SlothCam 1.57 Submitted

I submitted an update of SlothCam Webcam Browser to the App store today, and it should be available for download shortly. This update contains a fix for a bug in the previous version that would cause images that failed to download properly to display as a black box. It also fixes the swipe gestures in iOS 4.3 (did you know you can swipe right or left across the screen to skip to the first or last webcam in SlothCam?).

Tsunami Watch Webcam

If anybody is interested in keeping an eye on the Pacific coast due to the Tsunami warnings, here are some webcams in California (Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz) that you can monitor with SlothCam. Just click here and then choose the “Add Webcams” option on your iPhone or iPad to install the cam. It might be loading slowly today due to all of the activity on the site. If you have any other good pacific coast webcams, please let me know and I can post them here.

If you are using SlothCam Free, you’ll need to copy and paste these URLs into the app to install the cams.
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