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SlothCam 1.62 is live in the App Store with iCloud Support

SlothCam 1.62 is live in the App Store with support for iCloud. You can back up your webcams to the cloud by clicking on the button in the lower right of your webcam list and restore them onto any device in the same way. For this to work you need to have iOS 5 and you need to be logged into iCloud. Let me know if anybody has any comments or questions about it.


SlothCam with iCloud syncing, coming soon!

I will soon be releasing a version of SlothCam with iCloud syncing. So if you add a webcam to your iPad it will appear on your iPhone automatically and vice versa. Of course this requires iOS 5 which is necessary to use iCloud. Thanks to Mugunth Kumar for his iCloud code which I would definitely recommend to any other developers looking for quick and easy iCloud syncing.
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