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Mardi Gras in galveston

This weekend is Mardi Gras in Galveston. You should check out these Galveston webcams this weekend to catch the festivities. The image below was taken from the “Strand” cam, one of the default webcams in SlothCam Webcam Browser.


SlothCam 1.56

The latest update just hit the app store yesterday. This version fixes a problem with importing webcams that had international characters in the titles. Apparently there are a lot of international users of SlothCam, so I’m glad I was able to fix this issue. Also, it prevents a possible crash that could occur while importing webcams. I recommend that all users of SlothCam download this update. Please continue to let me know if you find any bugs in SlothCam so I can keep fixing them.

WebCam Database

Here’s a big webcam database that I had previously listed on the webpage for SlothCam back in 2005 but I had forgotten about it. It’s got some good stuff in it and is definitely worth checking out even though not all of the links are still working. Any of the webcams ending in JPG or JPEG should work in any version of SlothCam.

iPhone Blogr Review / Giveaway

iPhoneBlogr.com has just posted a review of SlothCam on their site today. You can check it out here. iPhone Blogr is a great site for iOS news and I highly recommend you subscribe to their RSS feed if you want to keep up to date with what is going on in the iPhone community.

SlothCam WebCam Browser 1.55 Update

The latest update to SlothCam modifies the import function so that now when importing cams from a URL (either using the export function or using SlothCam Helper) SlothCam now asks you whether you want to add the webcams you are importing, or replace your entire webcam list. I hope this makes it easier for people to import webcams to SlothCam. Let me know if you have any questions.

SlothCam Webcam Browser 1.54 Update Adds "append" Ability to Import Function

With the latest SlothCam Webcam Browser update for iOS, users can now import a list of webcams into the app via email which will be added to the user’s current webcam list (rather than replacing their current webcams). This will allow users to share webcam lists with their friends, etc. I am going to try to make a more elegant implementation of this feature in the next update, but for now you can go to this page to create a custom URL which when clicked on your iPhone or iPad will add a custom list of webcams into SlothCam by appending them. You can also create a custom SlothCam import URL here which will completely replace your current webcam list with the new cams.

In the future I will make it so that SlothCam will ask you when importing whether you want to replace or add the webcams from the link rather than requiring two different types of links. Stay tuned for an update next week.

SlothCam Dashboard Widget 3.1 Update

I updated the SlothCam widget to version 3.1 last night. This update fixes a few bugs with version 3.0 including problems with the “auto cycle” mode, and manually refreshing webcams using the space bar. I recommend all SlothCam users download this update.

SlothCam Dashboard Widget Reaches Version 3.0!

The SlothCam Dashboard Widget has finally reached version 3.0 today! This new version squashes a bunch of bugs that were in the 2.x version since back in 2005, and it now transitions smoothly between the front side and back side when entering/exiting the preferences. This might be the last update I make to the Dashboard Widget for a while since Dashboard’s popularity seems to be waning, but if there are people out there who are still using the Dashboard widget who would like to see future updates, please let me know.

Click here to download SlothCam Dashboard Widget 3.0

SlothCam Webcam Browser 1.53 with Multitouch Gestures

The latest version of SlothCam Webcam Browser introduces some new multi-touch controls. You can now skip back to the first webcam with a two finger swipe gesture to the right, and you can skip to the last webcam with a two finger swipe to the left. Also, you can now reload any webcam with a double tap anywhere on the image. If anybody can think of any gestures that would be useful for navigating SlothCam, please let me know!
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