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SlothCam 1.70 coming soon with new image series feature

Any day now, the SlothCam 1.70 update should go live in the App Store. This update features many improvements for the international versions of SlothCam (better translations etc) as well as a new feature - image series. Now you can save a series of any number of images to your film roll rather than just one single image. This feature will only work if you keep the currently selected webcam active after starting the image sequence. It also will not save images when SlothCam is in the background due to Apple’s multitasking limitations. If you use this feature to make a time lapse movie, please consider sharing it with me and I’ll post it in this blog.

Also, once 1.70 is approved, I can submit the next update, 1.71 to Apple. 1.71 is almost ready and includes iPad retina display support, and background task completion. With background task completion, the currently loading webcam(s) will finish loading when SlothCam is in the background. Stay tuned for this update in the next week or so after 1.70 goes live.
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