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StepTracker for iOS7


StepTracker is a simple app which displays the number of steps you have taken on a given day. By monitoring at your step count, you can get an idea of how active you have been.
Unlike conventional pedometer apps, StepTracker doesn't need to be running in the background to count your steps. Your motion data is collected by Apple's new M7 motion co-processor in the iPhone 5S without using a significant amount of battery power. StepTracker brings this information to you in a simple and easy to understand way. Simply select the day you are interested in and StepTracker will tell you how many steps you have taken.

  • View your step count for the last 7 days, even if you have never installed this app before.
  • View your step count or distance travelled in miles or km.
  • Turn your phone sideways to view your step count as a graph.
  • Send your step count via email, text, Facebook or Twitter to your friends.
  • Set a daily goal and see how close you have come to achieving it.
  • Display your goal percentage or step count on the app icon.
  • Background app updates! You don't even need to open StepTracker to see how many steps you have taken today, the app icon will automatically update to show you your step count.
  • View your step count on the global Game Center leaderboards and compete for the highest step count with friends and people all over the world.
Read the StepTracker press release.

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