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More on the Giglio Italy and the Costa Concordia Webcam

I noticed today that I’ve been getting a bit more traffic here than usual from people searching for the Costa Concordia webcam due to my previous post about it. I wanted to add that the webcam I posted earlier is owned and operated by Giglio News. If you like the cam, please pay them a visit and spend some time on their site as a thank you for making such an interesting webcam available to the public.

The URL of the Giglio webcam image is http://www.giglionews.com/isoladelgiglio_porto.jpg .

If you are using the paid ($0.99) version of SlothCam you can click the link in my previous post to install the webcam as long as you are viewing this page from a device with SlothCam installed. If you’re using the free version of SlothCam or the Dashboard Widget, you have to do it manually. You need to click on the white “i” on the lower left corner of the app to go into the settings screen, then click the + sign to add a new webcam, and enter the webcam URL above manually. Set the refresh rate to 30 seconds. I hope this helps!
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